Sweatcoin Will Launch Sweat Hero Arenas, PvP Matches & Dynamic NFTs In 2023

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Move to Earn app Sweatcoin will launch dynamic NFTs that will change according to the user’s daily physical activity.

Sweatcoin launched its first blockchain based game, Sweat Hero, last month. The NFT-based title is currently in a closed Beta phase, meaning that it’s only available for a limited number of users.

Sweat Hero Open Beta will launch in Q2 2023

According to a recently published roadmap on Medium, Sweatcoin plans to launch the open Beta version of Sweat Hero in the second quarter. Players will be able to challenge their friends and family to battle for $SWEAT tokens and other rewards, including exclusive NFTs on Near Protocol. Visit Sweatcoin App Review for more details about the Sweatcoin team and the project.

Sweat Hero Arenas and PvP Matches

Certainly, the public Beta version of the NFT-based Sweat Hero game might be a lot more fun users to play, as the testers in closed Beta can only play against bots. Later, Sweatcoin plans to launch Sweat Hero Arenas, which will signify the launch of Sweat Hero’s Alpha version. On top of that, the full version of the game is intended to have a matchmaking system, making it easy for different players worldwide to challenge each other.

Dynamic NFTs will change with user’s daily activity

Last but not least, Sweatcoin aims to roll out dynamic NFTs at the end of 2023. These NFTs will change according to the user’s daily physical activity. The developers also promised to spice it up with location-dependent NFT characteristics and tiered NFT leg boxes.

Sweat Economy Score Calculation is bi-dimensional

Common, Rare, and Epic Leg NFTs found in the boxes will count towards the Sweat Hero score. Ultimately, the Sweat Economy takes a bi-dimensional approach to calculating the scores. To illustrate, a high-scoring combination would be hefty physical activity and a high-tier leg NFT. This way, players with lower-tier NFTs still have a fair chance to win Sweat Hero leg battles and collect crypto, NFTs and physical rewards.

Sweatcoin Fun Facts

  • The invite-only beta phase of Sweat Hero is limited to just 1,500 users.
  • To receive an invitation, users should participate in Sweat Club events.
  • Sweatcoin’s app is the most popular health and well-being app in 66 countries.
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