STG Football To Offer Founders Series NFTs Of NFL Star Players | Blockchain-Powered Video Game Will Include AI

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The beta launch of the STG Football game is planned for the third quarter along with the release of their Founder Series NFTs.

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), SuperTeam Games and OneTeam Partners are preparing to launch STG Football, a new blockchain-powered video game.

A seven-on-seven format will be used in the game, with four players per team controlled by users and the remaining three controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).

STG Football will contain strategic and on-field elements to assimilate on-field football, while a modified rule set will enable faster turnaround and pace of the game.

SuperTeam Games is planning for a beta launch of STG Football in the third quarter, with a full free-to-play launch on PC scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

Founders Series NFTs of NFL Stars

Ahead of the closed beta launch, STG Football will offer a pre-sale for the Founders Series non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The pre-sale will allow players to acquire tokens of some of the National Football League’s (NFL) biggest stars. The NFLPA also partnered with Upland in January to mint interactive 3D design NFTs.

“We believe that our team has the ability to breathe new life into the current lineup of sports games in market, and as passionate sports fans, build a game that is fast, fun and offers a fresh take on the genre,” said Jerome Collin, co-founder and chief executive of SuperTeam Games.

“We’re excited to be one of the first blockchain-enabled games to partner directly with the NFL Players Association, guaranteeing authentic gaming for our community.”

Terése Whitehead, vice president of consumer products and strategy at NFL Players Inc, added: “Football fans are both passionate and tech savvy, and we’re continually searching for unique ways fans can engage with players.

“We love the concept behind STG Football and how SuperTeam Games embraces the value that professional football players bring to video games. By layering on blockchain technology and including NFTs, it gives fans more connectivity to the players they love.”

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