STEPN’s Model For Anti-Cheating (SMAC) AI To Detect Fake Users & Bots Released | Gets Smacked By DDOS Attack

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  • STEPN released a Model For Anti-Cheating (SMAC) update on Friday.
  • Then, the move-to-earn app reported that it was under multiple DDoS attacks this weekend.
  • STEPN users were told to “take some rest” while they worked on fixing the problems.

STEPN reported on Twitter yesterday that it was under multiple DDoS attacks after the move-to-earn app had made a major anti-cheating upgrade on Friday.

“Our engineers are working hard to fix the problems. We will announce here once recovery is complete. Thank you so much for everyone’s patience,” it tweeted. Security and recovery were expected to take up to 12 hours, but as of this writing, STEPN has yet to post an update even though more than 24 hours have passed since that tweet.

This was the platform’s third DDoS attack in three months. In April and May, the platform announced that people sent millions of DDos attacks in attempt to cripple its server. In addition, phishing websites targeted STEPN users in April.

STEPN’s anti-cheating system (SMAC) update

The DDOS attacks happened after STEPN unveiled its anti-cheating system called “STEPN’s Model for Anti-Cheating” (SMAC), on June 3rd. The upgrade aims to eliminate fake users and movement simulation.

Using AI, the system cross-references users’ running data with the platform’s benchmark standard to check global, contextual and collective outliers at the end of each of their sessions. It also detects buying/selling bots and minting/leveling bots on its marketplace. Once detected, the system will disconnect these bots from the app.

“SMAC system will kick in after the users long-press the STOP button and before going into the result page, SMAC system will analyse the users’ motion data and if an anomaly is detected, there will be repercussions,” STEPN wrote in a blog post.

In subsequent updates, STEPN plans to introduce the Turing Score, which will start with a score of 100/100 and prevent users from starting a new session until their score tabulation is complete.

Users were notified of “network congestion” after DDoS attacks

During the SMAC upgrade, users were notified of “network congestion” caused by 25 million DDoS attacks in a short period of time. The attack was not the only problem, however. Other platform issues included misidentifying genuine users as bots and the temporary inability to track any bots on the platform.

“We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to users. The anti-cheating update may seem small, but it is actually an important cornerstone of Stepn’s long-term development,” the platform tweeted.

This news comes shortly after STEPN announced that it will be blocking users from mainland China to comply with regulatory policies by mid-July.

Launched in December 2021, STEPN is the latest craze in the blockchain gaming space as it allows users to earn its native tokens GST and GMT by walking, jogging or running outdoors. It also recently launched Realm, a new server that hosts a fork of the game, allowing different users to play the same game in different realms.

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