Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, FC Barcelona & Santos Are Top Fan Tokens To Watch During Crypto Winter

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Even in the middle of crypto winter, investors and traders alike are looking for new ventures to invest in. Football fans should put PSG, CITY, BAR and SANTOS on their watchlist.

Over the last few years, due in large part to Chiliz, and their Socios app, there has been surging curiosity in Fan Tokens. Some football fans and crypto watchers are looking to investigate more into the viability of these digital assets or commodities as a long-term investment. There is certainly a lot of potential in fan tokens, especially with the growing commercialization of sports-related activities. Manchester City (CITY) and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have helped lead the Fan Token sector higher in the past, and they may just help propel the sector higher again.

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Fan Tokens Explained

Fan Tokens are digital assets that allow their holders to access never-seen-before media, information and opportunities related to their favorite team or sport. The basic way these fan tokens operate is by allowing the holders to vote on decisions related to the sports club, making them feel as if they are a part of the internal machinery of the team.

This allows fans to be more connected to their favorite teams, leagues or even fantasy sports clubs. One fundamental distinction of fan tokens is that although they are classified as a type of virtual asset, they employ the use of blockchain, from an external source.

Fan Tokens are also distinct from Non-Fungible Tokens, commonly referred to as NFTs, as they can be transposable. This essentially means that much like paper money, these assets can be bartered for privileges within the sports community, such as experiencing various fun-filled events and access to sports merch.

Also, Fan Tokens come in handy to strengthen the fan base of sports leagues, and help members connect with each other, thereby increasing their brand value.

In 2021, many English Premier League clubs such as Crystal Palace released their fan tokens, skyrocketing their fan base even further, while also taking virtual assets to pinnacle heights. In March, Lionel Messi became the brand ambassador for fan token creators, With his popularity among football fans around the world, the value and potential of fan tokens could surge like never before.

Fan Tokens To Watch

1. Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG)

It’s no secret that Paris Saint-Germain has one of the most dedicated fan clubs in the world, with an impressive brand volume. The club, which boasts superstar players such as Messi and Kyle Mbappe, allows fan token holders to make real-time decisions about the workings of the team, through their purchases.

This PSG fan token is unique as it is not tied to any particular crypto asset, but rather its value is determined by fan interest. It was launched on the Socios platform and is backed by the sports blockchain provider Chiliz.

Currently, the PSG fan token boasts of a market cap of close to $21 million dollars, and a one-day trading volume of close to $2.2 million, making gains each day, cementing it as a coveted hold at around $6.50, for most interested parties.

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2. Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)

Premier League powerhouse Manchester City is another fan token to consider.

Some advantages include voting rights which permit the holders to make decisions for the team, in areas that include merch, jersey designs and marketing deals. Votes are garnered and measured through polls, and all decisions made by fans will be adhered to.

The Manchester City Token is listed at $4.64, with a large market cap of close to $19 million, closing in on a 24 hour trading volume of about $2 million.

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3. FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)

FC Barcelona is one of the most successful sports brands, with a fan base spanning the globe. With hundreds of accolades under its belt, FC Barcelona is a fan token with good long-term potential.

The BAR token is an opportunity for all its stakeholders to really vet the inner workings of the team and to also experience feeling like important, integral members of the club. The holders are granted access to information on squad lineups, arena venues, design and uniform decisions and first priority passes.

The BAR fan token was launched on the Socios trading platform and is also backed by the Chiliz blockchain space. It’s trading at a price of $4.03, with an impressive market cap close to $12 million dollars and closing a 24-hour  trading volume of around $1.7 million dollars.

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4. Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS)

The SANTOS fan token is based on the Brazilian Santos Football Club, and was launched with the intention to make the decision-making process more interactive with and accessible to the fans.

Some of the many benefits SANTOS holders receive include personal interactions with team members, interactive fitness sessions, first priority venue passes, badges that signify their dedication as fans and top-class merchandise.

Santos boasts of a high market cap nearing $14.5 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of over $4 million; it is currently listed at a price close to $4.

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Where To Buy Fan Tokens

Various trading exchanges and platforms have listed fan tokens as a part of their services. Platforms such as Socios, Binance, Coinbase, FTX, eToro, and are some of the many crypto websites that allow interested investors and traders to purchase their select fan tokens and be allowed access to the world of sports and its many privileges.

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All in all, fan tokens seem like an investment to consider for sports fanatics and casual fans alike, especially for those fans who would like a glimpse into the glamorous workings of, and to feel more a part of their favorite clubs.

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