Move To Earn App Walken Reaches 2 Million Users Helped By Referral & Ambassador Programs

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After just having surpassed 1 million players in August, Walken announced that its’ number of registered users now exceeds 2 million.

The move-to-earn app Walken announced that its registered users have surpassed 2 million. This substantial community growth shows the high demand for applications that empower users to have healthier and more active lifestyles.

Walken is a mobile app that utilizes smartphones’ movement capabilities to count users’ steps and reward them with WLKN tokens and NFTs. It’s currently in the public beta phase and is downloadable in the App Store and Google Play. Other competitors in the move-to-earn space include STEPN and Sweatcoin.

The Walken team also built the Appyfurious and GetFit Apps. They are dedicated to onboarding millions of Web2 users to Web3. The registered Walken users just surpassed the one million mark in August 2022. Despite the market downturn, the growing trend continues.

Walken’s app supports Apple Watch, MiBand and Garmin

There are many factors that have played crucial roles in this success. In addition to the app’s sustainable tokenomics, easy user interface, and no entry barrier, the addictive gameplay has also been an important factor.

Walken connects walking with online gaming and offers users opportunities to earn crypto. To accomplish this, it uses mobile phone tracking abilities to count users’ steps. The app also supports wearable devices such as Apple Watch, MiBand, and Garminto to count the number of steps. In addition to walking, the app also counts steps while running as well as steps taken while running or walking on treadmills.

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GEMs and CAThletes

Users can earn GEMs simply by carrying out these daily sports activities. GEM is an in-game soft currency, not a cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, 1000 steps equal 1 GEM. When users reach the target of 10,000 steps daily, they can earn 5 extra GEMs.

Users can spend their earned GEMs to upgrade their in-game NFT characters, known as CAThletes. When users first join the app, they are given one free CAThlete. These characters enter battles in PVP matches to win rewards paid in WLKN, the app’s native token. The number of crypto tokens a user can earn depends primarily on the level of their CAThlete character.

Earn WLKN and GEM tokens with Walken’s referral program

Walken distributes a unique referral code to each user, which they can share with friends. Existing users earn 10 GEMs for each new referral. Newly registered users receive 5 WLKN and 10 GEM tokens for a fast start. When users refer a friend to the application, they will also earn 5% of the WLKN amount spent by that friend during the referral period. The duration period depends on the number of users that are referred. For example, if users invite 1–25 friends, the period is 30 days.

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Ambassador Program and Perks

Users can also join the Walken ambassador program to support and promote the app. Users can, for instance, run local communities, create local content, onboard new players, educate the community with AMAs or spread the word on social media. The program grants financial support and perks based on the members’ achievements. Ambassadors can also have direct access to team members, exclusive merch, and special events. The program also assists ambassadors in content creation.

Walken Runner game is in the pipeline

While the growth in registered users and other recent updates mark essential milestones, new features and events are coming.

Walken Runner will be the first hyper-casual game of the Walken ecosystem. The new game will require players to run, collect bonuses and overcome obstacles to fight with the boss at the end of the track. The top winners will earn special prizes.

In the near future, players will be able to stake WLKN to receive a percentage from the token pool.

It will also be possible to apply merge or fuse operations to CAThletes in order to create more scarce characters from common ones. Additionally, app users will be able to complete daily activities to earn additional rewards.

For more information on the project, check out the official Medium page and join the community on DiscordTelegram and Twitter.

Images Credit: Walken

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