Meta Cricket League NFT Web3 P2E Game | Super Loot Drop April 2022 On With Affordable Digital Player & Bat Cards

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The World’s First NFT Cricket Game Collection Drop

Blockchain based play-to-earn (P2E) games have been around for years, with Axie Infinity being one of the most popular. These blockchain games gained prominence through their opportunity for players to make money merely by playing the game. In addition, the long lock downs imposed due to the global pandemic added to the growth and popularity of these games.

More recently, sports related P2E blockchain games have seen increased interest. Sorare has been one of the most popular for several years with its P2E NFT football game. In golf, the second season for the Blocklete NFT golf game launched last month. The 2022 Winter Olympics even had a P2E game.

Moving further into 2022, now might be the right time for yet another promising sports-based blockchain game to shine in the sun, with the sport in focus this time being cricket.

As far as the gaming industry is concerned, cricket has not been a profitable sport for them to consider due to various reasons, ranging from licensing issues and dismal graphics to piracy. However, this new NFT-based cricket game might well change the cricketing experience with its play-to-earn aspect.

World’s First NFT Cricket Game

The world’s first NFT cricket game, “Meta Cricket League,” is taking its first step with its debut NFT collection drop event. The developers of the game have already created the NFT marketplace platform for the game called “,” where the NFT drop event “Super Loot” will be conducted on April 22, 2022. All the platforms and products are powered by GuardianLink, an NFT applications development firm, which is well-known for its projects on NF security protocols and celebrity NFT marketplaces.

The game looks inviting to cricket fans, with the marketplace website exhibiting an extremely seamless interface and offering an immersive experience for the users. There are almost 25,000 NFT collectibles that will be available at affordable prices. More information can be found on the NFT marketplace’s website.

The Super Loot NFT Drop

As soon as the news of the NFT drop event was announced on the mainstream, media experts started speculating on the contents of the Super Loot NFT drop. Many assumptions and guesses soon flooded social media networks, some of them have come true. As per the details available on the official NFT marketplace website, there are digital cricket player cards and cricket bat cards available for purchase, with some physical presents available to random buyers as well.

A buyer is given two options during the Super Loot NFT drop event. They can either buy a single NFT collectible or buy a set of five NFT collectibles, details about which can be viewed on the website of the NFT marketplace platform. The cost of the cricket NFT collectibles are also less than the initial cost required to enter many of the more established blockchain games.

Social Media Buzz Around the Super Loot

As far as social media is concerned, there has been a range of posts that attempt to explain the Super Loot NFT drop event and the future NFT cricket game in funny and educational ways. The hashtags #jumptrade and #nftcricketgame have been widely used on various social media posts, making them live on the trending charts since the official announcement came out.

Also, different explanation videos have come out from tech-geeks who get excited at such emerging technologies, which adds to the hype factor surrounding the Super Loot NFT drop and the upcoming Meta Cricket League game. In addition to this, there have been blogs from independent crypto enthusiasts that explain the game and the surrounding speculation in great detail.

Community-based discussion platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Clubhouse are full of enthusiasts who discuss the topic with great anticipation and excitement. Discussions in such forums are in particular based on the play-to-earn aspects and how the NFT collectibles provide utility to various kinds of target audiences – cricket, gaming, and NFT enthusiasts.

Closing Thoughts

The excitement surrounding the upcoming NFT cricket game has been high, with the popularity of the NFT drop event reaching new heights every day. Also, there has been a lot of engagement around the scheduled NFT drop event throughout social media and in other media forms. The event looks like it will garner a wide audience and showcase some impressive NFT collectibles.

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