Gaming company Hall of Goats’ playbook includes assisting college athletes in capitalizing on their NIL rights. 

Hall of Goats has launched exclusive NFT player avatars of star USC quarterback Caleb Williams, the 2022 Heisman Trophy award winner. The company is releasing 10,000 limited-edition NFTs of Williams.

Hall of Goats first NFT Drop

Following Caleb Williams selection as college football’s outstanding player, Hall of Goats released its first ever NFT drop: the Caleb Williams’ NFT Avatar. Fans were able to purchase an NFT avatar exclusively on The drop included 10,000 NFTs featuring the #13 USC quarterback, Caleb Williams. Each piece was priced at $30.00 USD.

The owners of the NFTs will have access to a variety of fan benefits. Benefits include access to HoG’s upcoming video game, access to AMAs with Williams, exclusive merchandise drops and more. Of special note, a portion of the proceeds will go to Caleb Cares, which is Williams’ foundation dedicated to eliminating bullying.

Caleb Williams NFT
A preview of Caleb Williams’ digital player NFT avatar. Credit: Hall of Goats

HoG College Football video game release will include Deuce Vaughn and Braelon Allen

As a refreshing and innovative form of utility, HoG is granting holders the ability to use their NFT avatar in their upcoming video game. The beta version is scheduled to release in 2024 and will include unique features for players to enjoy. The HoG free-to-play game will enable players to collect the best college football stars, level up their players and compete in an arcade-style football game.

The game will also contain a marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade their NFT avatars. Additionally, the HoG game will bring in other notable college football stars for players to use in-game. Some of these college stars  are Braelon Allen (Wisconsin), Deuce Vaughn (Kansas State) and Matt Leinart (USC).

SVP of Gaming Brian Graham worked on Madden NFL and NBA Live

The fast-paced game that’s currently under development, will be overseen by HoG’s SVP of Gaming, Brian Graham. He’s a veteran in the gaming industry with over 20 years of experience working at Electronic Arts. In addition, Graham has worked on some of the worlds’ most recognizable sports games, including Madden NFL and NBA Live.

“The developmental stage of game building is like a ‘blank sheet of paper.’ You get a chance to find the ‘soul’ of your experience and what will make it unique and worthy of players’ attention and time,” says Brian Graham. “Joining HALL of GOATS takes me back to an older era of sports games from my arcade days, where we have creative liberty and can build on something that focuses on just being fun.”

2004 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart is one of Hall of Goats founders

Hall of Goats is a gaming company founded by 2004 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart, former USC player Greig Carlson and the recent Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams. The company aims to assist athletes in capitalizing on their NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) rights. College football stars McKenzie Milton and D’Eriq King launched their NFTs in 2021 after the NIL NCAA rule was approved.

HoG plans to empower college athletes by enabling them to create their own avatars and take control of their brand. Their platform will allow college football fans to interact with their favorite players while giving them exclusive access to unique benefits and experiences.

Hall of Goats
The founders of Hall of Goats: Matt Leinart (left), Caleb Williams (middle) and Greig Carlson (right). Credit: The Transfer Portal CFB