GameUsed Sports Memorabilia Authentication Service By Chiliz Provides Embedded NFC Chips & NFT Proof Of Reserves

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Chiliz continues to diversify their ecosystem product offerings outside of Fan Tokens with the launch of their new GameUsed sports collectibles authentication service.

Chiliz, the leading blockchain technology provider for the global sports industry, announced the launch of its new B2B technology service, GameUsed  is a full turnkey B2B solution to secure, authenticate, and deliver transaction services for sports memorabilia, providing near field communication (NFC) chip and NFT authentication.

After memorabilia is NFC Chipped, GameUsed Mints NFT on Chiliz blockchain will provide sports memorabilia providers with full digital authentication services. All memorabilia will be re-authenticated via embedded NFC chips, allowing fans and collectors to immediately authenticate memorabilia using their smartphones. Once memorabilia is NFC chipped, will mint its corresponding NFT on the Chiliz blockchain.

Memorabilia NFTs will include customizable digital content relevant to the item, such as sports highlights or creative content, and will include a direct link to each item’s corresponding proof of reserve. NFTs can be delivered to the client for auction / sale on their native storefront or via any NFT marketplace which supports Chiliz Chain 2.0.

GameUsed builds on Chiliz Chain 2.0 by Chiliz will be available to all partners and projects building on the Chiliz Chain 2.0.  It will become a decentralized database to certify the authenticity of sports memorabilia. GameUsed will provide a turnkey solution to teams and companies looking to bring memorabilia ownership to the friction less Web3 environment via NFTs and access the Fan Token ecosystem and audience. This audience continues to grow, with more than 170 partners across the globe and more than 1.7 million wallets.

Inventory and Proof of Reserves Services will provide inventory services for any pre-authenticated sports memorabilia, storing inventory securely and providing persistent proof of reserves and insurance on all warehoused goods. At the point of sale or delivery, GameUsed will provide direct logistics and tech support on behalf of clients when an NFT is redeemed by an end user.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and said: ‘We are extremely excited about the launch of by Chiliz.

‘At Chiliz we are building one of the leading ecosystems for sports and entertainment, bringing together fans, sport teams, and sports commerce and service companies. Central to our strategy is to continue to launch services and technology that onboard traditional sports experiences and fan activities into the Web3 environment. We believe that blockchain technology can bring new ways for sports teams and companies to deliver ownership and engagement to fans, and by bringing blockchain authentication and distribution to sports memorabilia through we are taking another important step forward in our offering.’

In August 2022, Chiliz also announced a $100M investment in FC Barcelona’s digital content creation and distribution hub Barça Digital Entertainment to spearhead the club’s Web3 strategy.

Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2) Mainnet Launches soon

Chiliz has also grown its workforce by over 70% in 2022, with its 300+ strong employees spread across nine locations around the world. The Company is also primed for further growth, with the full mainnet launch of Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2), the layer-1 blockchain for sports and entertainment, scheduled in the next few weeks.

The launch of CC2 will increase the utility of Chiliz native token $CHZ to become the network enabler of a new, open, multi-vertical ecosystem where leading brands from sports and entertainment can mint NFTs and Fan Tokens, build DeFi products and Play2Earn games, and create event, loyalty and merchandising programs with all fees to be paid in $CHZ.

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