Fans Can Design A Custom NFT, Mint On Polygon & Airdrop To Their Coinbase Wallet At NBA All-Star Weekend

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Coinbase and Bleacher Report have teamed up to help fans at the NBA All-Star Weekend in Cleveland learn about cryptocurrency and be a part of the NFT minting process.

On Friday, Bleacher Report is going to have a jam-packed day of events at the NBA All-Star weekend in Cleveland. Activities include a performance from Gunna, a $100,000 game of Knockout that will feature gaming and social media influencers, a livestream of the Through The Wire podcast, and more.

It will also mark the debut of what Bleacher Report is calling “an NFT Creation Station powered by Coinbase.” According to Bleacher Report’s vice president of brand and experience, Tyler Stewart, the Creation Station is about taking the mystery out of creating NFTs and making the process available to everyone regardless of their experience or knowledge about cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

“While NFT adoption and awareness is of course growing, even if someone knows what an NFT is, it’s unlikely they know how to design, create or actually mint one,” Stewart told Boardroom. “We wanted to allow them to be involved in every step of that process and do it all in real time.”

Basketball fans will be able to design their own custom NFT at the creation station based on their personal preferences and then submit it to mint using the minting service Polygon. After minting, the customized NFT will be airdropped into the user’s Coinbase Wallet, which they’ll need to download before beginning this process. It will be a fun experience for fans, but there’s no guarantee that their NFT will be the next smash hit like Bored Ape Yacht Club or NBA Top Shot.

This won’t the only NFT activity surrounding All-Star Weekend. The NBA announced they will be releasing commemorative NFTs of the All-Star Game court.

“This is another step in our continued efforts to innovate in this new and exciting space, as we look to bring the best overall experiences, both digital and physical to our fans,” Stewart said. “Coinbase provided us with an amazing opportunity, since they have a seamless wallet product to tap into. And the fact that they’re one of the most talked about companies following their Super Bowl ad makes it all the more exciting.”

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