FanFest Will Mint NFTs & Proof Of Attendance Tokens On Sports Layer-1 Chiliz Chain 2.0 CC2 Mainnet

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The much anticipated Chiliz Chain 2.0 CC2 mainnet is scheduled to launch in the coming weeks.

Sports and entertainment blockchain provider Chiliz announced that FanFest, the leader in membership/token-gated live sports fan entertainment, has become the latest company to be onboarded to Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2).

FanFest hosts membership/token-gated, sponsored live shows from their website. Over the last year, 20M+ fans have interacted with FanFest shows across social media, OTT and TV, driving millions in revenue and media value for their customers.

Proof of Attendance Tokens and NFTs

FanFest will mint ‘Proof of Attendance Tokens’ and NFTs on Chiliz Chain 2.0 CC2, the new layer-1 for sports and entertainment. The CC2 mainnet is scheduled to launch in the coming weeks.

The collaboration will also create some of the first utility for Fan Tokens outside of Chiliz’ fan engagement and rewards app, unlocking live content and new rewards.

FanFest shows are driven by an interactive, two-way relationship with the audience, with fans able to make purchases in-show and access online and digital products, including NFTs.

FanFest works with sports teams such as PSG, Manchester City and the 49ers

FanFest has earned a strong reputation after working with some of the leading sports and media brands in the world. Their partners include Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, the San Francisco 49ers and NBA Top Shot. The company is now ready to grow their global fan community by building Web3 products on CC2.

The new collaboration will create some of the first examples of utility for Fan Token holders outside Chiliz’ flagship fan engagement and rewards app, with FanFest integrating Fan Tokens into their platform.

Fan Token Holders live events include Player Meet-and-Greets

Plans include allowing Fan Token holders to access live events with their favorite sports teams, including meet-and-greets with players and coaches, matchday watch-alongs with influencers and fans in multiple languages. Additional plans call for prediction shows where fans compete to win tickets to watch matches at the stadium with other Fan Token holders, and live shopping experiences for signed merchandise and game-worn kits.

Adam Jones, Co-founder and CEO at FanFest said: “We are excited to integrate FanFest into the Chiliz Chain 2.0 ecosystem, provide additional utility to millions of Fan Token owners, and accelerate Fan Token adoption for the 170+ sports entertainment properties in the Socios ecosystem.

“Given our shared vision of rewarding fandom for the 99% of fans who can’t be at the arena and developing a universal fan identity that personalises fan experiences in every context –- online, at the stadium, at home, in a bar with friends — working together just makes sense.”

Max Rabinovitch, Chief Strategy Officer at and Chiliz added: “It’s incredibly exciting to be working with FanFest as an early Chiliz Chain 2.0 partner to execute on one of our core promises for Fan Token utility — to transcend beyond the rich experience of the platform and provide token holding fans an ever-growing ecosystem of membership benefits around the web. FanFest’s localized fan entertainment offerings are a perfect match to begin realizing this shared vision.”

Chiliz is dedicated to building gamified, Web3 ready engagement and rewards communities for the world’s biggest sporting properties on Chiliz has a network of more than 170 partners consisting of the leading sports teams and organizations from soccer, tennis, MMA, rugby and major US sports leagues.

Chiliz Mainnet CC2 Launch is imminent

The company is now primed for exponential growth with the full mainnet launch of CC2 imminent. CC2 will transform $CHZ into the network enabler of a new, open, multi-vertical ecosystem.  Leading brands from sports and entertainment will be able to mint NFTs and Fan Tokens, build DeFi products and Play2Earn games, and create event, loyalty and merchandising programs with all fees to be paid in $CHZ.

More details on the first wave of Fan Token communities launching on FanFest will be announced in early 2023.

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