Chiliz Up 75% From 2022 Low, Down 70% Since April 2021 | Market Cap & Volume History Metrics Indicate Price Rally Ahead

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Chiliz has carved out a niche as a crypto and blockchain project that allows sports brands to engage with and monetize their fan base. Sports leagues and clubs began looking for additional sources of revenue as the pandemic affected their bottom line. As a result, Chiliz native cryptocurrency CHZ, experienced significant growth in the first half of 2021 and reached a peak at $0.83 in April. Fast forward a year later and CHZ is now worth a third of its ATH.

At the time of this writing, CHZ traded at $0.25, which means its price has improved considerably from its 2022 low price near the $0.14. However, it is still down significantly from its ATH, but it may not stay that way for long. Since the start of 2022, CHZ’s price action shows that it has been trading within a cup and handle pattern.

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Bullish Cup and Handle Pattern?

The cup and handle pattern is often considered a bullish sign, especially once the price pulls back to form the “handle” part. CHZ’s price action formed the handle by way of of its bearish correction in the first two weeks of April.

The pattern, which kicked off around January 2nd was characterized by a curve in the price action before a resistance retest at the $0.32 price level. This is important because the curve confirms its tail end by testing resistance near the same level as its starting point.

CHZ’s RSI pulled back below the neutral zone in the last two weeks but it did not reach oversold conditions. The Money Flow Index (MFI) points toward significant outflows during the same period and briefly touched the 20-level. Increased accumulation usually takes place when the MFI dips below 20, and there has been some uptick in this indicator.

The MFI’s bounce back corresponds with the RSI uptick back above the neutral zone and the price rally in the last three days. The MFI looks like it is in a position to confirm a move to the upside. A look at some on-chain metrics also confirms the upside expectations.

Source: TradingView

Chiliz on-chain metrics revealed an increase in supply held by the top non-exchange addresses in the last four weeks. Its volume decreased in the last two weeks in line with the price drop, but it registered an uptick in the last three days. Its market cap has also seen an uptick over the last three days.

The last time that some of these metrics such as market cap and volume registered such gains, the price achieved a rally in the following days. CHZ’s metrics and indicators align with the cup and handle pattern and this might be a sign that it is ready for another bull run.

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