Chiliz Exchange ChilizX Trading Platform For Top Fan Tokens Like PSG, CITY, BAR & ARG Supports Limit & Market Orders

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ChilizX provides trading access to 59 Fan Tokens and will be one of the first exchanges supporting Chiliz Chain 2.0.

Chiliz is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, while their partner team Fan Tokens are minted on Chiliz Chain, an EVM-compatible blockchain. Chiliz is currently in the process of transitioning towards a new and upgraded version of Chiliz Chain (Chiliz Chain 2.0) that will see the CHZ token and Fan Tokens come together.

Chiliz will remain an EVM-compatible chain (Ethereum Virtual Machine) as it enables them to benefit from the Ethereum ecosystem through cross-chain interoperability. The new and improved blockchain will provide faster TPS and lower transaction costs than Ethereum. Chiliz are also believers in Ethereum as a technology and an ecosystem and want to expand the potential of the future of a multi-chain ecosystem.

The new Chiliz Chain utilizes a Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA) consensus.  It offers optimal scalability, a governance structure, staking, and speed which expands the utilities of CHZ as well as Fan Tokens. It also provides more Web3 opportunities for the whole sports & entertainment industry.

Still, in its testnet phase, the chain will go through a total of six stages until it reaches the mainnet launch.

ChilizX Exchange for Fan Tokens

ChilizX will be one of the first exchanges supporting Chiliz Chain 2.0.

Most crypto exchanges try to capture as large of an audience as possible by embracing different communities and Web3 niches, instead of focusing on one specific niche. Chiliz niche is Fan Tokens, so their focus is much more focused on Fan Token holders and the general Fan Token community, enabling them to direct the product in a more meaningful manner.

ChilizX provides a professional trading platform for a wide selection of 59 Fan Tokens. It includes some of the most popular and traded ones right now, like the Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token PSG, Manchester City’s CITY Fan Token, Argentinian National Football Team’s ARG and the FC Barcelona BAR Fan Token. ChilizX is the liquidity source for the marketplace on, so all the tokens available on are supported with more comprehensive tools on ChilizX.

Market, Limit and Stop-Limit Orders are supported

Three order types — limit order, market order, and stop-limit order are supported on the exchange to meet different trading preferences. Aside from the Fan Token trading pairs, other major token pairs are also supported for the convenience of the user’s needs, including BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, and CHZ/USDT.

In the near future, more sports-oriented features will be added to ChilizX to better fit the unique needs for sports & entertainment assets in the world of Web3. For the latest updates, follow ChilizX on Twitter.

Chiliz Partners include Manchester City, Juventus & F1 Teams

Chiliz started as an idea and a vision about how the tokenization of sports teams would improve fan participation and the ability to reward fan loyalty. Following the inception of CHZ, they saw an opportunity to create team-branded tokens revolving around sports teams and thus, a new Web3 ecosystem was born — Fan Tokens.

Some of the most successful organizations in sports have launched their tokens in the Chiliz ecosystem. Clubs like Manchester City, PSG, Juventus, F1 teams, leading esports teams, and many more are all involved. Chiliz are innovators of this new ecosystem and are working to expand it.

Chiliz Fan Token platform is the world’s first fan loyalty and rewards platform. It enables the biggest sports brands to plug into a fan influence and rewards ecosystem, where their fans can get closer to the club using the team’s Fan Tokens to take part in club decisions, all while earning exclusive rewards. was also the first consumer-facing app built on the Chiliz Chain.

NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS Teams are also on the Chiliz Roster

Founded in 2018, Chiliz gained momentum following a private placement of $66 million and grew into the massive ecosystem it is today, covering over 150+ sports partners after years of building. — the flagship product of Chiliz Chain is powered by the native token $CHZ. Socios is where global fans can use Fan Tokens to engage with their favorite teams innovatively and earn exclusive rewards & experiences.

Chiliz and Socios are featured at some of the biggest venues of the most successful sports organizations in the world. Chiliz path to success started following their partnerships with Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus. After these football giants said yes, interest showed in clubs from all around the world, such as Inter and Roma in Italy, Atletico Madrid in Spain, Galatasaray in Turkey, Manchester City in the UK and many others.

In addition to football, Chiliz are present in nearly all sports categories. Their USA team roster includes renowned names like the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers from the NBA. Many teams from the NFL, MLS and NHL are also on board.

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