Chiliz Chain Mainnet Launches, First Proof Of Stake Node Validators Are Jump Crypto, Paribu & Meria

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Chiliz Chain mainnet launch starts the next phase in the company’s mission to enhance the relationship between sports fans and their favorite teams.

  • Chiliz is the blockchain tech company behind the Fan Token engagement and rewards platform that has enabled sports teams to build direct relationships with their global audiences.
  • Chiliz Chain is the next phase in the Chiliz project, delivering the infrastructure for sports teams and brands to build Web3 products that foster greater interaction and direct relationships with their communities.
  • Chiliz Chain is a Layer-1, EMV-compatible, Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) blockchain. Jump Crypto is one of the first of the node validators to be announced.
  • Chiliz plans to drive innovation on Chiliz Chain through its $50M accelerator program Chiliz Labs and by hosting a series of hackathons.

The leading blockchain provider for the sports industry, Chiliz, has officially launched it’s public mainnet, Chiliz Chain. This marks the start of the next phase in the company’s mission to enhance the relationship between fans, communities and their favorite sports teams and brands through blockchain technology.

Teams and brands from sports and beyond can leverage Chiliz expertise in creating highly engaged digital communities, and its existing sports network of 150+ major teams, and build next generation experiences, products and services, powered by Chiliz native token $CHZ.

Jump Crypto, Paribu and Meria are the first PoSA Node Validators

Chiliz Chain, a Layer-1 EVM-compatible interoperable ecosystem, will introduce a system of 11 active Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) node validators. The validators will include some of the most respected names in blockchain and eventually leading sports properties, responsible for validating transactions and creating a highly secure environment from which approved developers can build the projects that will form the backbone of Web3 in sports. The first validators that were announced are Jump Crypto, Paribu and Meria (previously known as Just Mining), More announcements are on the way.

In addition to providing lower fees and supporting shorter block time (the time it takes to mine a new block on the chain), the PoSA blockchain model also uses significantly less energy. This supports Chiliz commitment to develop its technology sustainably.

Staking is a key part of Chiliz Chain PoSA model

All fees on Chiliz Chain will be paid using Chiliz native token $CHZ, the network enabler of this new ecosystem. Staking, a key mechanism in which users delegate their tokens to secure the network, is an integral part of the PoSA model and $CHZ holders can now play a role in the development of the ecosystem and get rewarded for staking their $CHZ on the chain.

Chiliz Chain aims to become the home for leading sports brands in Web3, with the door open to Chiliz existing sports network of partners, and other major brands from the sports world and beyond, to explore innovative new ways to bring fans and communities together through Fan Tokens and Web3 technology.

Chiliz Labs Incubator projects include Metaverse Sports, AI Content & NFT Ticketing

Continued innovation will drive the growth of the Chiliz Chain ecosystem and Chiliz will foster this through Chiliz Labs, the $50M Jump Crypto backed accelerator and incubator for early stage sports focused blockchain projects looking to build on Chiliz Chain.

A host of Web3 sports projects to be incubated by Chiliz Labs will be unveiled over the coming months. Projects will include metaverse based sports, football and football manager games, rewards and engagement driven community platforms, social gaming platforms, AI-based content platforms, 3D quality digital sports collectibles and NFT ticketing programs.

Chiliz Chain Hackathon Tournaments

Chiliz plans to also inspire developers with the aim of creating a global community dedicated to building the future of Web3 sports by hosting Chiliz Chain hackathon tournaments in major stadiums and sports arenas all over the world. Details on Chiliz Chain hackathons will be announced soon.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, said: “We’re proud to officially introduce the global sports community to Chiliz Chain, the Sports Blockchain.

We’ve been building towards this moment for a long time and it’s a huge step forward for us.

“Through our long-term commitment to innovation, our network, new partnerships and by fostering sports focused blockchain projects, Chiliz Chain can grow to form the backbone of web3 in sport, providing the infrastructure behind the next generation of products, experiences and services for teams, brands and their fans.”

Chiliz is the creator of Fan Tokens and, the world’s leading fan engagement and rewards app. Fan Tokens are digital utility tokens that allow fans to access engaged communities on the app, where they can connect with their favorite teams and earn rewards. The and Fan Token ecosystem features giants of sports world, such as FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Juventus, S.S.C Napoli, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, A.S Roma, UFC and major F1 teams. It continues to grow with more than 2M+ wallets.

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