Chiliz Announces Genesis Block Of Its New Layer 1 EVM Compatible Blockchain Is Validated

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Chiliz celebrates its 5th year anniversary with their Layer-1 EVM compatible blockchain launch and a new brand logo.

MALTA: Chiliz, the global blockchain technology leader in the Web3 sports and entertainment industry, is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a logo rebrand and an alert to brands and developers that the genesis block of the new Layer-1 EVM Compatible Chiliz Blockchain has been validated.

At the center of the rebrand is a new look logo, featuring the emblematic ‘chili’ with an angle bracket ‘>’ to symbolize the company’s commitment to code and development; the commitment to building the underlying infrastructure, products and network for sports and entertainment brands to thrive in Web3.

FanFest and LiveLike teamed up with Chiliz

The launch of the new chain will see further Web3 developers and brands joining Chiliz to build on their new blockchain and to gain access to its Web3 infrastructure along with its sports and entertainment network. During the second half of last year, US based company FanFest and fan engagement start-up LiveLike joined the Chiliz ecosystem to build Web3 products and services such as offering “watch to earn” blockchain-backed collectibles to broadcasters and media partners.

Through its fan rewards and engagement app, Chiliz has issued Fan Tokens for some of the largest sports brands in the World. Socios works with more than 170 major sporting organizations, including FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Juventus, S.S.C Napoli, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, A.S Roma, the UFC, leading F1 teams and many more.

Chiliz new Sports Memorabilia Authentication Service

Utilizing Chiliz Blockchain technology, sports and entertainment brands and developers can mint NFTs and Fan Tokens in addition to building DeFi products and Play2Earn games. They can also develop in-stadia engagement experiences, Web3 ready ticketing and payments and bring the traditional fan experience of collecting memorabilia into the frictionless Web3 environment. In December, Chiliz announced its new digital authentication service for the global sports industry,

NFT Ticketing Pilots and third party Fan Tokens are on the way

Chiliz will publicly announce 8–10 enterprise level projects in the coming months. This will include NFT ticketing pilots, third-party athlete-focused Fan Tokens and Web3 infrastructure partners building for sports and entertainment.

Minjae Kim joins Chiliz as Brand Ambassador

Chiliz also announced star of the Korean national football team Minjae Kim as its new Brand Ambassador. Minjae, who plays as a centre-back for Italian Serie A club S.S.C Napoli, will promote the Chiliz Blockchain and ecosystem in Korea and internationally.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz said: “Chiliz is focused on unlocking the potential web3 can bring to fan communities, benefiting fans, sports and entertainment brands, and developers and service providers alike. Our strategy is to continue to develop the underlying infrastructure that can allow these communities to build the products and services they need, and to continue to grow our network to attract the leading sports and entertainment brands, the leading developers and the most passionate fans in the world.”

“We’ve strategically timed this callout to coincide with our 5th anniversary and the launch of our new-look brand, which symbolises our commitment to development and to enabling major brands in sports and entertainment to embrace the opportunities blockchain has to offer.”

Chiliz $CHZ token will fuel all the dApps built on the Blockchain

Chiliz native token $CHZ will be the fuel for the entire Chiliz Blockchain ecosystem, including all the dApps that will be built on top of it. $CHZ token holders will also be able to receive rewards for staking (delegating) on the network.

The Chiliz Blockchain is a Layer-1 EVM-compatible, open, interoperable, multi-vertical ecosystem in which all approved stakeholders can become node operators and benefit from continued adoption of the network. Through the blockchain governance, only approved third party developers will be allowed to deploy Smart Contracts within the ecosystem initially, bringing a high level of security to partners and users.

PoSA supports lower fees and less energy use

The Chiliz Blockchain will introduce a system of 11 active validators with PoSA (Proof of Stake Authority) consensus, supporting shorter block time, lower fees, and significantly less energy usage — part of Chiliz commitment to grow and develop its technology in a sustainable way.

Chiliz, has more than 300 employees across the globe and is the creator of Fan Tokens and the fan engagement and rewards app. The Fan Token ecosystem and audience continues to grow with more than 170 partners across the globe and over 1.7 million wallets.

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