Blocklete NFT Golf Game On Flow Blockchain | Play To Earn Mobile App, Virtual Pro Shop

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The Blocklete Golf Mobile NFT golf game built on the Flow blockchain enables players to trade and train their golfers NFTs and get rewarded in Flow currency

On Wednesday, Turner Sports’ Blocklete Games launched the second season of its mobile NFT game Blocklete Golf, which is built on Dapper Labs‘ Flow blockchain.

Each digital golfer available for game play is a unique NFT. Individual head-to-head matchups and tournament play results can an improve the golfer’s — and in turn the NFT’s — value. Players are able to collect, train and trade these golfer NFTs with each other and have the ability to earn rewards in Flow stable-coins. The Beta release of the game is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

“We’re amped for Blocklete Golf to join the growing ecosystem of play-to-earn games and sports on Flow,” Mickey Maher, Dapper Labs’ senior vice president of platform and blockchain partnerships, told Boardroom. “The team at Turner Sports has created a unique experience for sports fans and we’re excited to see Web3 come to life on mobile.”

Virtual Pro Shop

Each Blocklete golfer has its own unique digital avatar, and users will soon have the opportunity to deck out their golfers in stylish gear through a re-launched virtual pro shop full of apparel and accessories.

“Blocklete Golf is the first in what we envision being a franchise of play and earn games that we intend to build to provide users compelling gameplay and beautiful NFT products,” said Yang Adija, Turner Sports’ senior vice president of digital league business operations, growth and innovation. “We have been at the forefront of the NFT and blockchain movement in sports and believe that we have a real opportunity to serve sports fans via this new avenue of digital athletes. We’re equally excited for this debut on Flow, the blockchain where sports NFTs live.”

Blocklete Golf was launched in the fall of 2020, and is the first of what Blocklete Games hopes will be many NFT-based mobile sports titles to be released in the future.

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