Aston Martin James Bond Vantage 8 & GT3 NFTs Launched On Polygon Can Be Raced On Infinite Drive Metaverse Game

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Luxury car brand Aston Martin races into Web3 with the launch of three NFTs that can be raced in the Infinite Drive metaverse.

Aston Martin, the legendary British racing brand has teamed up with Tiny Digital Factory, a developer and publisher of racing and motorsport games, for the release of 3,000 “digital diecast” Aston Martin NFTs.

The limited edition NFTs are on the Polygon blockchain and are available for purchase on the  Magic Eden marketplace. Making them even more desirable, fans will be able to buy and race them in the next-generation Infinite Drive metaverse game.

NFTs include the current Vantage 8, the GT3 race car and the James Bond 1980 Vantage 8

Aston Martin is the latest car maker to get into the NFT space. The British F1 brand has followed Lamborghini, Porsche, and Chevrolet by making use of digital ownership available through NFTs. The Porsche 911 NFT sports car collection created by 3D artist Patrick Vogel will launch in January.

The Aston Martin partnership with developers Tiny Digital Factory will see 3 new Aston Martin cars introduced to the game Infinite Drive – an NFT racing platform that allows users to collect parts of prestigious automotive brands.

The 3 Aston Martins that dropped are the current Vantage V8, the GT3 race car, and the famous 1980 Vantage V8 featured in the James Bond movie “The Living Daylights”. Prior to this seasons start, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 team released NFTs of their new AMR22 race car components.

Infinite Drive’s Alpha release will let NFT owners race against other NFT owners

The NFTs have been designed to aesthetically match the actual cars. Owners of the virtual Aston Martin will be able to take the car into the closed alpha of the Infinite Drive metaverse that will be available on both iOS and Android mobile devices in 2023.

In the alpha release, NFT owners can look at their collections and race against other NFT owners on officially licensed tracks. The in-game features will include an NFT marketplace that lets owners rent out their cars to other players.

CEO Stéphane Baudet’s vision for Tiny Digital Factory

Speaking about partnership, Tiny Digital Factory CEO Stéphane Baudet said the launch was following the company’s vision of allowing the general public to ‘experience the sensation of taking them onto the track.’

‘It’s truly remarkable that this vision has resonated so strongly with one of the world’s leading carmakers in Aston Martin,’ said Baudet. ‘So much so that they have chosen to launch their first ever NFT cars with us. We’re still early in our journey, but we’re confident that Infinite Drive will become a poster child for the meaningful use of web3 technology in gaming and collectible digital assets.’

Chevrolet’s NFTs failed to Start

Aston Martin is the latest luxury car brand that’s entering the NFT space. They haven’t all been a raging success, however. Chevrolet did not sell any NFTs in its auction. Lamborghini has made a few attempts with NFTs with some relative success. So, with Aston Martin’s imminent launch and German car maker Porsche set to follow suit, it’s all eyes on the racing track to see which NFTs pull ahead and leave their competitors in the back of the field.

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