Arsenal NFT Play To Earn Fantasy Football Game Release Planned With Unagi Ultimate Champions

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Premier League club Arsenal F.C. is one of the most successful and recognizable football brands in England, and by extension, the world. Here’s what the football club is planning for their fans interested in Web3.

Arsenal’s storied history

Founded in 1886, Arsenal is one of the major legacy teams in England, and the club holds the title of being the only top-flight English team never to experience relegation. Relegation in European sports is when the worse teams in a league get sent to the lower leagues, while the best lower league teams gain promotion to the better and more recognizable top-flight league.

The Gunners are the only English team to have not experienced that fate in the past few decades. The new Century began amazingly for Arsenal. The club fielded one of the best teams in Europe, went a season without losing any games even and reached the final of the Champions League.

Unfortunately, since the 2010s, Arsenal has struggled to compete for the Premier League title and has instead settled for lower accolades.

Arsenal is an exciting top flight team that has recently left much to be desired, but the team is now making exciting moves in the Web3 space. On the pitch performance aside, what Arsenal has in store for their worldwide fan base is exciting.

Arsenal recently partnered on a play-to-earn initiative with Unagi. The long-term partnership promises to offer users and fans new experiences powered by blockchain technology. Arsenal and the English Premier League have wholeheartedly adopted NFTs and Web3 as keys for future growth. In February, the Premier League announced a short list of companies in the running to receive the league NFT contract.

Arsenal partners with Unagi Ultimate Champions for NFTs

Ultimate Champions is a free cross-league fantasy football game that allows users to build the best and most exciting club with real-world players. When players compile their team, they receive rewards based on the real-world performance of the players on their fantasy team.

Arsenal’s partnership with Unagi will see fans access the cross-league fantasy game free of charge. When game users own a player NFT, they can trade it with other users on the platform.

Play-To-Earn Model

The game employs a play-to-earn business model, as it supports its in-game currency that users can earn and spend on the game. The player NFTs are akin to collectible football stickers in the digital arena.

However, users can also play the game without having to invest in digital player cards. The $CHAMP token offered by Unagi is the utility token used across the Ultimate Champions platform. Additionally, the game supports the $MGC token which represents manager contracts and is the main source of rewards for players.

Juliet Slot is Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer and had the following to say about the partnership between the club and Unagi, “Unagi’s Ultimate Champions represents the next generation of fantasy football gaming. We are privileged to be the only Premier League club to join the free to play game and bring this brilliant concept to our supporters around the world, giving them the opportunity to apply their global football knowledge and test themselves as a football manager.”

In the end, this is may be a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved, from Arsenal to Unagi, and most importantly, the Gunners fans.

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