Argentine Football Association Confirms Socios As Official ARG Fan Token Provider | Will Create Rewards Linked To FIFA World Cup

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AFA and will work together to build a gamified, Web3 ready engagement community for Argentina fans all over the world

BUENOS AIRES, AUGUST 31st: The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has confirmed today that Chiliz’ Fan Token platform will continue as the exclusive provider of the official $ARG Fan Token until at least 2026.

AFA’s commitment expands its collaboration with, who will, as strategic partners, accelerate their mission to build a gamified, Web3 ready, engagement and rewards community for Argentina fans all over the world through $ARG Fan Tokens — digital assets built on the Chiliz blockchain. The Italian Football Federation and the Portuguese Football Federation are also partners of

The continuation of the agreement will enable AFA and to work together to create new opportunities for fans to connect and be rewarded through the Socios app. Argentina fans can participate in their community by voting in polls and accessing a full range of features including games, check-ins, competitions, predictors and augmented reality token hunts.’s AFA exclusivity in doubt earlier this year

After the AFA signed a Fan Token agreement with in July 2021, Chiliz launched the $ARG Fan Token on the Socios platform. Later, the AFA granted Binance the right to deliver their official Fan Token.  However, in January 2022, Argentina’s National Commercial Tribunal ordered the AFA to recognize the Fan Token agreement they signed with first to reward fans with free NFTs linked to major sports brands’s model will see fans rewarded for their participation and their passion, enabling them to access VIP experiences, merchandise, discounts and other exclusive offers and benefits. Fan Token holders can also access digital rewards, including NFTs. was the first company in the world to reward fans with free NFTs linked to major sporting organizations.

AFA and Socios will create rewards linked to FIFA World Cup in 2022 and 2026

AFA and Socios will work together to create innovative and exciting reward and engagement opportunities linked to the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the Copa América in 2024 and the FIFA World Cup in 2026.

Argentina’s roster of world class talent includes one of the greatest players of all time, Lionel Messi, who is also a Global Ambassador for Lionel Messi’s continued support, and 400 million followers, will boost’s efforts to bring new and creative experiences and rewards to Argentina fans.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and, said: “AFA’s commitment to the continuation of our agreement aimed at further expanding our Fan Token partnership is great news for Argentina fans.

“As strategic partners, we’ll work continuously with AFA to create new ways for fans to engage and be rewarded through $ARG Fan Tokens. We’re excited by all the possibilities on the horizon, starting with this year’s FIFA World Cup, and look forward to building a vibrant, connected community for all Argentina fans on”

Claudio Tapia, President of AFA, said: “We are very pleased to announce the continuity and extension of our commercial agreement with It is important for our Association to continue generating digital income, as in this case the $ARG Fan Tokens, which also allow us to be close to the fans of the National Team around the world.

“In this important year for AFA we want to strengthen all our projects and increase the presence of our brand in all markets. Through this agreement we can work and grow in these aspects together with”.

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